6 Indest-2008-3By George F. Indest III, J.D., M.P.A., LL.M., Board Certified by The Florida Bar in Health Law

Designer drug usage escalated into a serious issue across the United States. It came into the spotlight after raging zombie-ism and face eating reached epic proportions in places like Florida several years ago. Quick action by Florida authorities to outlaw the sale of bath salts and other artificial drugs in convenience stores and elsewhere rapidly lead to the almost disappearance of this phenomenon. The popularity of these dangerous drugs seemed to be dying down, or maybe we just weren’t hearing the stories.

For whatever reason, synthetic drugs similar to bath salts have been on the rise again and many believe they are to blame for unusually violent attacks. When taken, this type of drug can lead to nightmarish visions, paranoia, loss of control and a hunger for human flesh and often end in horrific, bloody results.

Unpredictable Behavior.

This type of drug create a condition police have come to call an “excited delirium” that makes users paranoid, violent and unpredictable. For example, a man from Ocala, Florida, died on September 17, 2016, after breaking into a home naked and biting a woman. Authorities believe he was under the influence of some kind of drugs or alcohol and do not know the exact cause of death. According to the Marion County Sheriff’s Department, the victim told police that the man was completely out of control.

As if zombie-like, violent, cannibalistic behavior isn’t bad enough, users of these drugs also exhibit super-human strength. In one incident, police attempted to subdue a young man believed to be on bath salts but neither a tazer hit or a police dog was able to subdue him. He was also hit with a baseball bat several times and seemed completely unfazed. He didn’t even have the mental presence of mind to scream out that notorious Florida chant known world-wide to tazer victims “Don’t taze me, Bro’.”

Bath Salt Zombies.

There have been several cannibalistic attacks that happened after the individuals took designer drugs like bath salts. Most recent, a young man in Florida stabbed a couple to death and was then seen by police gnawing on the face and abdomen of his victims. Because of this and cases like the zombie attack in Miami , many believe the use of bath salts does indeed create a monster, more specifically a walking zombie.

To read more on incidents of bath salt zombies, click here to read my prior blog.

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Pacenti, John. “Bath salt, designer drug dangers rising.”Orlando Sentinel. (September 18, 2016), Print.

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