Face-Biting Attacker: Teen Attacks and Kills Florida Couple, Eating Face

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6 Indest-2008-3By George F. Indest III, J.D., M.P.A., LL.M., Board Certified by The Florida Bar in Health Law

On August 15, 2016, 19 year old Austin Harrouff was accused of killing a couple and chewing off the dead man’s face in Jupiter, Florida. As Harrouff was being taken into custody he allegedly stated:  “Help me, I ate something bad.” A Martin County Sheriff’s deputy reportedly asked Harrouff what he ate and Harrouff is alleged to have responded with “humans” as he spit out a piece of flesh from his mouth.

Harrouff, a Florida college student, is charged with second-degree murder for stabbing and killing John Stevens, 59, and wife Michelle, 53. The couple was killed outside of their home that evening in August.

Teen Found Bitting Man’s Face.

The couple’s neighbor, Jeff Fisher, tried to intervene and stop Harrouff from violently attacking them.  Fisher told deputies that he heard Michelle scream and ran over to the Stevens’ house to find Harrouff hitting Michelle who was lying on the garage floor in a pool of blood.  Harrouff then started attacking Fisher and stabbed him multiple times. Fisher was able to escape and call 911 for help.  Deputies found the teen in his underwear, making animal noises and biting Stevens’ face.

When deputies arrived on scene, Harrouff was ordered at gun point to back off of the victims, but he continued to bite off pieces of flesh from John Stevens’ face. The deputies then took out a stun gun, but it did not effect the teen.  Deputies tried to handcuff Harrouff, but had a difficult time trying to contain him.  The deputies did not shoot at Harrouff because they were afraid they would hit Stevens.  Finally, deputies brought in a police dog and the dog’s bites gave deputies the chance to subdue Harrouff.

Evidence Found.

Crime Scene investigators found several sharp bladed weapons at the scene.  A corkscrew, a pair of scissors and a folded knife were also found.  Also taken from the crime scene was an ice tea bottle filled with a blue liquid and a bottle of scotch.  It is still unsure if those items belonged to Harrouff or were in his possession.

A little less than an hour before the attack, Harrouff was at a restaurant about four miles from the victims’ house having dinner with his dad, sister and a friend.  Harrouff and his father had an argument while at the restaurant.  Surveillance cameras show Harrouff walking calmly out of the restaurant alone.  Forty-five minutes later, Harrouff attacked the couple.

Harrouff’s mother was not aware of the attack and reported him missing to the police.  She said that her son had been acting strange recently. Harrouff had told her that same week that he felt immortal, had superpowers and that he was sent here to help people.

Further Tests To Be Made.

The FBI is running tests to determine if Harrouff was on drugs. “The hospital checked what they call routine drug screen for marijuana, cocaine, opioids and a few other drugs, “there was none of that in his system,” said Martin County Sheriff William Snyder. Harrouff was hospitalized for about two months after the attack.  While Harrouff was at the hospital surrounded by law enforcement, a detective observed the teen spit out human flesh from his mouth.  According to the arrest warrant, the detective also found human hair inside of his mouth.  Harrouff’s father said they also found that the teens esophagus was burned.  Sheriff Snyder said Harrouff may have ingested lawn chemicals that the couple had in their garage.

Harrouff’s mother and father gave a statement a few days after the attack voicing their condolences to the Stevens family, as well as an apology to neighbor Jeff Fisher, who tried to save John and Michelle.

The FBI has agreed to do Harrouff’s toxicology testing at their lab in Quantico, Virginia.  Results are still pending and have yet to be released.

Prosecutors say they will ask a grand jury to indict him on first-degree murder charges.  That makes Harrouff eligible for the death penalty.  Austin Harrouff remains at the Martin County Jail.

Tragic Case, but Example of Zombies Still Being Alive (Or Sort Of) and Well in Florida.

This is certainly a tragic case.  However, it is an example that shows that the abuse of zombie-making drugs and the existence of zombies is still a Florida phenomenon that is alive and well.  Anyone with zombie tendencies should stay away form all drugs or all types.

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